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In the RealWorld,

the only wall you've

gotta climb

is the one you build in your mind...

We Offer:

Training and Workshops

RealWorldABA believes that education is the key to increasing the quality of life of those around us! Therefore, we offer three different types of workshops:

Community, Classic, and Custom. 

Community Workshops

Every 2-3 months RealWorldABA will provide the community affordable workshops where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit. Contact us if you want to suggest a Non-Profit for donation and/or topics that will benefit community members. 

Classic Workshops

Custom Workshops

  • What is Autism!?

  • Understanding Functions of Challenging Behaviour

  • Teaching Communication through play

  • Teaching Social Skills through play

  • How to use facilitative language techniques

  • Autism Training for Law Enforcement

  • How to use Reinforcement to increase target behaviours 

  • The Journey of Henry: Teaching life skills to a teen with Autism using ABA 

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We have a team of professionals ranging from BCBA's, Nurses, and SLP's who can build custom workshops for your organization's needs. Our training services mold to your needs and fit inside of your pricing model. We want to create positive learning opportunities that build strong foundations for lasting change! 


Example Training: 

  • Home Care: Supporting healthy bowl routines

  • Community Involvement: How to support a trip to Costco

  • Nutrition: How to expand your child's diet

About the Trainers

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Alisha Gainforth-Hasan, BCBA, is currently one of the trainers at RealWorldABA and has provided multiple training workshops across the province.  She has trained care providers inside the school systems, YMCA, autism intervention centres, residential & treatment homes, colleges, and first responders. She began teaching at the Fundy Learning Centre, where she would train parents and care providers on how to teach social-communication skills through play to children with autism. 

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