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What is ABA?

ABA stands for: the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis. 


Applied Behaviour Analysis is the study of LEARNERS & their ENVIRONMENT.  Human beings are always learning and adapting their behaviours in different environments. 


Problem behaviour can happen for all sorts of reasons.  A BCBA looks for patterns & relationships that allow us to predict, and teach replacement behaviours that make significant differences to the individual and their family.  


Most importantly, ABA is used to teach new, socially appropriate skills (self advocacy, choice making, offering solutions, teaching flexibility and doing things you don't want to do).  These skills help to decrease problem behaviours that can prevent independence and slow learning. 

What ABA isn't

  1. ABA is not only for preschoolers

  2. ABA is not only for kids and families with Autism

  3. ABA is not done at a table and chair

  4. ABA is not just for getting kids to stop mis-behaving

  5. ABA is not only ONE way to teach, practice, learn.

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