In the RealWorld, families are the CORE of our communities.

Family Coaching and Education

  • Positive family coaching

  • Flexible hours

  • Individualized, easy to integrate support 

  • Are you exhausted? Losing sleep? Losing hair?  We get it. Being a parent on the best of days is challenging, but when you add special needs, siblings, grandparents, attending school and work you’re instantly an advocate, a professor, a student, a bargainer, a nurse, and sometimes a sumo-wrestler.

  • All it may take is a fresh set of eyes to come in and give a few suggestions or model a couple of ideas to make life a lot easier. RealWorldABA DOES NOT have a ‘my way or the highway’ approach, we want to give real practical advice that makes parents’ lives easier, not more stressful! Our model is to have an honest and judgement-free chat that will often involve tears and laughter (in any order!) Then discuss a plan on how to make your life easier, this usually involves an observation, a play session with your child, then some coaching.

  • At RealWorldABA we believe that parents are the experts on their kids.  School is only the first 20 years of life (not even a 1/3 of their life span), adulthood lasts a long time.  We want to educate and equip you to handle the challenges that are waiting for you.  Learning strategies for a preschool aged person vs someone in highschool or adulthood requires different strategies and often includes more complex emotions.  You are now running a marathon, and we would like to support you on your journey.