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In the RealWorld, families are the CORE of our communities.

Family Coaching and Education

  • Positive family coaching

  • Flexible hours

  • Individualized, easy to integrate support 

In response to Corona Virus

We understand the challenges of living at home with your children and not being able to receive therapy. We don't want to see your children fall behind or forget the amazing skills they have learned. 


We want to support you! In order to help, we are offering a 60% discount for online parent coaching. 


This is the time to learn how to teach your children communication skills, life skills, social skills, and listening skills.

We can even teach you how to identify what is triggering any challenging behaviour and help identify supports to reduce it. 

We have a team of highly trained Clinicians who can meet with you online and offer you one-on-one training. 


Initial 30 min FREE consultation

35$/hr for1 hr consultation

We're in this together <3


Email or call for booking:


More on Family Coaching

  • Are you exhausted? Losing sleep? Losing hair?  We get it. Being a parent on the best of days is challenging, but when you add special needs, siblings, grandparents, attending school and work you’re instantly an advocate, a professor, a student, a bargainer, a nurse, and sometimes a sumo-wrestler.

  • All it may take is a fresh set of eyes to come in and give a few suggestions or model a couple of ideas to make life a lot easier. RealWorldABA DOES NOT have a ‘my way or the highway’ approach, we want to give real practical advice that makes parents’ lives easier, not more stressful! Our model is to have an honest and judgement-free chat that will often involve tears and laughter (in any order!) Then discuss a plan on how to make your life easier, this usually involves an observation, a play session with your child, then some coaching.

  • At RealWorldABA we believe that parents are the experts on their kids.  School is only the first 20 years of life (not even a 1/3 of their life span), adulthood lasts a long time.  We want to educate and equip you to handle the challenges that are waiting for you.  Learning strategies for a preschool aged person vs someone in highschool or adulthood requires different strategies and often includes more complex emotions.  You are now running a marathon, and we would like to support you on your journey.

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