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In the RealWorld, Social Stories work when your kid 'gets-it'!

Social Story Generator

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A lot of our kiddos are visual learners!  That means they don't learn when we talk at them!  Often times, verbal instructions get mumble-jumbled and important tid-bits get lost or mistranslated!


Displaying need-to-know info in a way that is specific to your kiddo can help teach those sticky topics! You can’t walk into a book-store and find a social story that teaches your son that spoons should not be used as drumsticks, while strictly maintaining a train theme. But after filing out a questionnaire and a quick phone call, my team can quickly personalize a social story that will target those specific niches in your child’s life that need to be taught in pictures and words!  

Illustrated for a child who loves dinosaurs and needed to learn to listen to the teacher when asked to sit "criss-cross applesauce"!

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